The Shambles Band

Meet The Shambles


The Shambles are an original Rock’n Roll band known for their high energy and skilled musicianship. Their hook-filled lyrics, catchy riffs and soaring guitar solos are a welcome relief to those tired of the screaming vocals and buzz saw metal that typifies today’s local music scene. 
2005 saw the release of the self-titled Shambles CD featuring audience favorites “Whiskey Lipstick”, “Sister Voodoo” and “Hard Way To Rock”. In fact, it was the song “Hard Way To Rock” that first got the Shambles on air, as 94.1 WYSP began playing it in November 2005.
"Dark Side Of The Lawn", the Shambles' second CD was released in 2007.  

In early 2013, The Shambles Band released their 1st two CD's on iTunes. By the summer of 2013, The Shambles Band had set up a internet radio station dedicated to music of The Shambles Band and the songs "Hard Way To Rock" and "Meet Your Maker" have been played on Jango stations dedicated to the likes of Aerosmith, Molly Hatchet, Travis Tritt, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Bad Company and Foreigner among others.

After ten years of writing, arranging, recording, mixing, remixing, mastering, remastering and trying to figure out the Discmakers "Do it yourself" CD designer, The Shambles Band's third CD, "Lies And Other Tales From Shambleland" finally saw the light of day in October 2016! The CD is now available at shows and through and downloads are available through iTunes and Thank you for your patience, we think the CD was worth the wait!

The Shambles are:

Dave Rehm: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Tony Biamonte: Drums, Vocals, Guitar
Jesse Ruth: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Past Members and Contributers to The Shambles:

Rich Schock: Remastering
Pat Rehm: Bass, Vocals
Karl P. Huf: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Dave Soriano: Harmonica
Mark Robinson: Engineering, Remastering, and Graphic Design

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