The Shambles Band
Described by some as a cross between the Rolling Stones and Metallica and others as a mix of ZZ Top and Jimi Hendrix, The Shambles Band aren't nearly that gruesome nor complex. The Shambles Band is simply Rock that rolls. Music you can stomp your feet, bang your head and play air guitar to. It's a simple formula. One that few bands attempt anymore,yet The Shambles Band manages to work to perfection. Attracting audiences young, old and every age in between with their high energy live shows, hook-laden original songs and occasional Classic Hard Rock cover tunes, The Shambles are one of the best original bands in the Bucks Country, PA area.  
Just because we don't often update this website doesn't mean there's nothing going on in the world of The Shambles Band. Tony and Jesse are continuing to record the music that they planned to record with Dave Rehm before his passing. The Shambles Band will be a duo through this recording process, however, there are still plans to add some musicians and do a few "Tribute To Dave Rehm" shows in the future!
Since we don't update the website very often and everybody is on Facebook nowadays anyhow, please look to our Facebook page for any and all updates from 2020 forward:

Thank you to all who have continued to enjoy our music and who have supported us through the years! We still have a lot of music to share!

Dave Rehm 1955-2018

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